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What Does “Xaymaca” Mean?.

“Xaymaca” goes down to the roots of it all. The Island of Jamaica was first inhabited by the Taíno who is a subgroup of the Arawak, the Caribbean indigenous people. The Taíno called their home Xaymaca which means “The Land of Wood and Water.”

After several years, the island’s name was change to Jamaica, which carries the same meaning today. Because of the Spanish, British, the African Slaves and the many immigrants over the years, the island is a melting pot of different cultures and traditions, which creates the uniqueness of Jamaica, hence motto for Jamaica is “OUT OF MANY, ONE PEOPLE.”

Jamaica is a beautiful country whose culture inspires some of the world’s most influential music, athletes and most importantly FOOD.

Who are we?

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The people of Jamaica have created some of the most popular dishes in the world. We are Brampton’s only Premium Jamaican Restaurant & Bar. We focus on bringing that unique Jamaican taste and style to you. We encourage all to come in and dine with us to experience good food, and good vibes. The simple but beautiful design of our space, our professionalism, courteous wait staff and our upscale plating of our food is often the talk from customers. Leaving Xaymaca Restaurant & Bar is often an unforgettable moment. So what are you waiting for come in and enjoy “Something New; Something Different; Something Xaymacan.”

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